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Nursing Visa Screen Application Process


TN Visa for Canadian Nurses -  TN Eligibility Requirements for Canadian Nurses

CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools):

To proceed with the CGFNS process

Applying to work in Michigan

  • LARA- Register On-line.  Apply to LARA
  • Order official transcripts from the Registrar's Office( fees apply) and request the transcripts be emailed directly to LARA.  When ordering transcripts, please provide the Registrar's Office with LARA's email address.

Applying to work in Australia

Applying to work in California

  • Register and apply on-line. California Board
  • Please click on the link to begin the payment process of $50.00-  International Out of Province payment form - This is required to process the forms for the California Board.  
  • Email the completed California Board of Nursing application documents to nurse@uwindsor.ca
  • Order official transcripts from the Registrar's Office (fees apply).  When ordering transcripts, "Select Destination - Send to address provided below"  Please insert Ms. Anne Dennahower or Ms. Angela Papas, University of Windsor, Faculty of Nursing as the contact person.  During COVID Pandemic, the California Board is not accepting electronic copies of transcripts at this time.  Please inform the Registrar's office when ordering that the transcript must be the Official hard copy and not in electronic form.   
  • The nursing office will courier the completed documents and transcripts to the California Board of Nursing.