Nursing student's infertility support group instrumental in recent government funding for IVF treatments

April 20, 2014 - 3rd year nursing student Ashley Bulley and her husband's own fertility challenges prompted them to pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF) five years ago after raising the $17,000 cost through fundraising efforts of friends, family and the community. They are now the parents of twins. This endeavour not only inspired Ashley's nursing career, but also a need to make a difference for those less fortunate. Ashley and her husband began petitioning the government for IVF funding by gaining thousands of signatures, as well as the support of a number of members of parliament. Ashley then co-founded an infertility support group: Conceivable Dreams, the OHIP for IVF coalition. This group held many events and campaigns, lobbied at Queens Park, spoke in front of parliament, and continued to petition. In the group's most recent campaign, a card with a photo of Ashley's family was mailed to all those in power on Family Day, wishing them well and asking them to allow all Ontarian's the opportunity to have a family by funding IVF. The recent announcement for proposed IVF funding marks the group's greatest success. To learn more about the group's journey and purpose, visit:, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.