Faculty and Students' articles published in Nursing journals

September 15, 2014 - Nursing faculty members Dale Rajacich, Debbie Kane and Michelle Freeman; Professor Emeritus Sheila Cameron; and nursing graduate student James Daabous, along with other colleagues/collaborators have written articles that have been/are being published in nursing journals as follows:

1) Rajacich, D., Kane, D., Williston, C., & Cameron, S. (2013). If they do call you a nurse, it is always a "male nurse": Experiences of men in the nursing profession. Nursing Forum 48(1), 71-80.

2) Rajacich, D., Freeman, M., Armstrong-Stassen, M., Cameron, S., & Wolfe. B. (2014). Commuter migration: Work environment factors influencing nurses' decisions regarding choice of employment. Nursing Leadership ,27(2), 56-67

3) Armstrong-Stassen, M., Cameron, S., Rajacich, D., & Freeman, M. (2014). Do nurse managers understand how to retain seasoned nurses? Perceptions of nurse managers and direct-care nurses of valued human resource practices. Nursing Economics$,32(4), 211-218.

4) Rajacich, D., Kane, D., Lafreniere, K., Freeman, M., Cameron, S., & Daabous, J. (2014).Work factors influencing male RNs job satisfaction and intent to stay in the profession. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. (in press)