Nursing student team wins Golden Stethoscope Award at Nursing Games

March 21, 2017: Congratulations to the undergraduate nursing students who won the Golden Stethoscope Award at the Nursing Games! This year’s event was hosted this past weekend at Nipissing University. Listed below are the students who made up the winning team.

The Nursing Games is one of the most recognized university events for undergraduate nursing students in Canada. This fun-filled weekend includes the gathering of nursing students from around the country to compete in both academics & skill-testing, in addition to sports-related events. Various activities such as social nights and a formal dinner keep attendees busy while they are not competing. This weekend is focused on demonstrating pride and enthusiasm for both their school and future profession.


nursing games teamnursing games team

2017 Nursing Games Team:

  1. Celena Kouzoukas
  2. Erin Boutet
  3. Megan Barrette
  4. Paul Butac
  5. Vesna Zuber
  6. Shannon Gillis
  7. Ashley Bondy
  8. Danielle Oullette
  9. Bailey Alagha
  10. Jailyn Nelson
  11. Sarah Masse
  12. Michelle Pressello
  13. Brooke Sibbick
  14. Brianna Hammond
  15. Marley Hiller
  16. Shannon Rivait
  17. Ryan Walters
  18. Brayden Houle
  19. Janny Lau
  20. Robert Parry
  21. Mathew McGuinan
  22. Andres Novoa
  23. Alexa Olivares
  24. Regina Yuen
  25. Tirzah Krey
  26. Destiny Cadarette
  27. Daniel Moffat
  28. James D'Aloisio
  29. Natalie Sykora
  30. Nephi Fowler