Mask Fit Testing Information

As mandated by the Canadian Standards Association, the Faculty of Nursing requires proof of mask fit testing for N95 respirators every two years – i.e. in Years 1 and 3. After you are tested, you will receive a mask fit test card, which you are required to keep and show at your annual clinical pre-clearance appointment.

The Faculty of Nursing’s lab no longer provides mask fit testing each year due to safety reasons. Several healthcare service providers offer mask fit testing for a fee. You must ensure that the service provider you use is testing with respirator mask sizes that are currently available at southwestern Ontario hospitals - specifically 3M N95 8210, 8110s or 8271 (8271 is a larger mask used for larger faces). 9210 should only be used as a last resort if the other respirators do not fit properly.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Andrea Reddam
Clinical Placement Coordinator
519.253.3000, x4814
Susan Rotondi-Moore
Clinical Placement Secretary
519.253.3000, x4918