Applying to Graduate

Welcome to Convocation

The final date for convocation will be determined usually the first week of December.

Refer to the convocation website for updates. Graduation & Convocation (


Please read the checklist below:


  1. Ensure your contact and personal information, including your birthdate, mailing address and phone number are up to date through the UWinsite Student under the Profile tile, before October 30th.


  1. Check your Advisement Report through UWinsite Student under the Academics Records tile, view unofficial transcript to ensure you are on track for graduation.


  1. After October 30th, the Nursing office will forward a list of names to the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) of all students eligible to graduate in the upcoming June Convocation. CNO will then forward an email notification guiding applicants to sign up to the CNO online portal. Students must use the University of Windsor email address that was submitted by the Faculty of Nursing. This will help avoid unnecessary delays in processing time. From the portal, students are able to update personal information, sign up for exams, submit necessary documents, etc. It may take up to ten business days to enter the date at CNO once the list is received.


  1. Verification of Course Completion (VCC) is sent to the College of Nurses by the Nursing office. This will be done after all grades are official and the Registrar’s Office confirms that all your program requirements have been met. VCC’s are sent to the CNO mid May for those graduating in June and by the end of August for those graduating in October.


  1. If you are applying for a temporary license through the College of Nurses of Ontario and require Verification of Course completion prior to the submission dates as stated above, please email of your request. Information regarding temporary licenses can be found on the CNO website at


  1. All students are required to apply to graduate through the UWinsite regardless of your attendance at the Convocation ceremony. If you are applying for June Convocation, you must complete your degree requirements no later than the winter term. If you are applying for the October Convocation, you must complete your degree requirements no later than the summer term. Deadline to apply to graduate is March 1st for Spring Convocation and August 1st for Fall Convocation. Further details can be found through . Please make sure this application is complete so there are no delays with your program confirmation to CNO and convocation with the rest of your peers.


  1. After graduation, students may want to apply to CGFNS. Please complete and submit the 4 page document to the nursing office at . There is s a $50.00 processing fee for completion and submission of the forms to CGFNS. Below is the link for payment of the $50.00 processing fee. When you open the payment link, please disregard the section which indicates to submit your forms to . You can proceed directly to submitting your payment. Please note this covers only the nursing office fee.


Payment link-


Please order your Official transcripts through your UWinsite account. Instructions on ordering your transcripts can be found at - Academic Transcripts | Office of the Registrar ( The fee for transcripts is $15.00. When ordering transcripts, select “send to address provided below”/ Please insert the mailing address “Nursing UWindsor, Attention: CGFNS. Once your payment is received, the Registrar’s office will forward an email copy of your Official transcripts. The nursing office will process your forms and submit to CGFNS in a timely manner.


  1. Michigan Board of Nursing (LARA-Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs)- You can order your official transcripts, through the Office of the Registrar, to be sent directly to the Michigan Board of Nursing (see for the ordering process). The Faculty of Nursing staff are not required to complete any forms for LARA.


For information on other visa screen options, please see our website. Nursing Visa Screen Application Process | Faculty of Nursing (