Dr. Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine

Dr Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine photo

Dr. Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine, PhD, RN
Dean and Professor

Room 336 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2259 (Joy Lesperance, Dean's Secretary)

Dr. Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine joined UWindsor as Dean of the Faculty of Nursing in Sept. 2021. Coming from Nova Scotia with 30 years of experience as a Canadian educator including 15 years of international teaching, research and project experience, Debbie’s program of research includes successfully leading an international research team  on interprofessional learning within a simulated, family assessment environment. She has completed a study on enhanced home visiting practices that surround women and children who live within vulnerability. Currently, she is on an implementation science research team examining collaborative, interprofessional practices that foster community and citizen access to health services and optimal scope of RN practice in emergency services. Understanding the impact of vulnerability on interprofessional practices and women and children’s lives have shaped and influenced her lifelong passions and collaborative work in the community, public health and with families. The social determinants of health, resilience and family nursing theory and understanding system structural practices informs all of her work.

Debbie values learning methodologies that provide creative, interactive ways to build student’s involvement in their own learning.  Facilitating simulation using standardized patients and actors for many years in Canada and internationally Debbie has developed family assessment and interviewing skills among thousands of BScN Canadian and International students. She expanded her teaching to include nursing and medical students learning together best practices for family assessment and intervention.

With ten years of experience co-leading international mobility projects that included three countries, Canada, USA and Mexico and six universities, Debbie thrives on collaboration and understands the opportunities that working internationally brings to broadening perspectives of students, academics, practitioners and communities. She has been part of collaborative research teams in Canada and internationally, published as part of a team in peer reviewed journals and presented individually and as part of a team at international peer reviewed conferences.

Debbie has been active professionally as the immediate, past chair of the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam Committee for CNA in Ottawa, the Nova Scotia representative  as a subject matter expert in the review of the entry level competencies with the Canadian Council of RN Regulators and recently elected to the CASN accreditation board. She is an active member of the International Family Nursing association research and practice teams who actively work to support global health of families.