Building Blocks for Better Babies provides nutrition support and health education to improve the health of mom and baby. Registered Dietitians and Public Health Nurses offer FREE weekly classes.

Healthy Eating and Pregnancy

bowl of fruit

Now that you are pregnant, eating well can help you to feel good and helps your baby to grow. Come to BBBB and learn about important nutrients during pregnancy, how to make healthy choices in the grocery store and Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide

Nutritous Meals on a Budget

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Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? BBBB can help you with planning your menus, shopping on a budget and provide you with hands on cooking classes

Feeding Your Baby

baby breast breastfeeding

Have you thought about breastfeeding your baby? Deciding what and when to feed your baby can be confusing. BBBB will provide you with the up to date information from getting a best start with breastfeeding, introducing solid foods and even how to make home made baby food

Health of Mom and Newborn

mom holding sleeping baby

Do you have questions about your changing body or how to care for your newborn baby? Public Health Nurses at BBBB will answer these questions and more about changes during pregnancy, the importance of being smoke, alcohol and drug free, how your baby grows and care of mom and newborn

Labour and Delivery

newborn in nursery

Thinking about your trip to the hospital? Public Health Nurses at BBBB can walk you through your hospital stay including stages of labour, pain management, medical procedures and in hospital newborn care


Baby with blanket looking to the side

Is your home ready for your baby? Do you know about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy and around a new baby? From bringing baby home from the hospital in a car seat to where they sleep and the air they breath, BBBB will help you learn how to safe proof your environment to meet your baby’s needs

Guest Speakers and Field Trips

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When BBBB staff can’t answer your questions, we bring in experts who can. Throughout the year BBBB plans regular visits to local EarlyON Centres and features guest speakers on topics such as dental education, food safety, banking and tax information as well as community resources for pregnant women and their families