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Person holding up medals

Past Winners


TEAM: Aromatic Ring Masters (Science)

Aromatic Ring Masters, from Science, swept the competition again this year and took home the top prize of The Shield and bragging rights! 

Most Spirited

TEAM: Ring FAHSS-ters

The Ring FAHSS-ters , from FAHSS, cheered their way to victory, claiming the top spot at the most spirit team at Welcome Week! Way to go team! 


TEAM: GOALgi Bodies

The GOALgi Bodies, from Science, swept the competition this year and took home the top prize of The Shield and bragging rights! They rallied at the River Games, got involved at the Involvement Fair, and scurried their way to the top at the Scavenger hunt! And they looked good while doing it in their matching shirts! Way to go team! 

Golgibodies team picture - winner of the battle of the faculties



Team Moose Tracks, from FAHSS claimed top honours last year, earning a prize package that includes a social outing to a local restaurant and a trophy in the form of a shield.

"We just participated in everything and collaborated well," says team member Makayla Soares, a psychology and education student. "Our team showed a lot of spirit."

Winners of Battle of the Faculties 2017 posing with Lancer Shield.


Team Polar Bear, representing Human Kinetics might take issue with that, who's team earned "Most Spirit" award, who erupted into cheers when they learned that they had won.

Winners of the Team Spirit Award 2017 posing with BBBranded shirts.