A UWindsor Student standing with Winston at a welcome week event

UWindsor Welcome Week Goals

Welcome Week begins the Sunday prior to the start of classes and concludes the first Saturday after classes commence. Led and coordinated by the Student Success and Leadership Centre, the goal of UWindsor Welcome Week is to transition incoming first-year undergraduate students to campus life and their studies at the University of Windsor.  

UWindsor Welcome Week offers programs and opportunities to students that foster a connection with fellow first-year and upper-year students in their faculty. In doing so, Welcome Week contributes to the development of students’ sense of belonging inside of their new learning community at the University of Windsor, which is a predictor of better retention and long-term student success outcomes.  

UWindsor Welcome Week begins conversations around self-advocacy, informing new students about their rights as students as well as responsibilities in maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all. Conversations around student conduct, consent culture, and inclusivity are promoted through various methods. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Student Code of Conduct, which can be found at the following link.

The UWindsor Welcome Week Committee, comprised of professional staff and student leaders, supports the Student Success and Leadership Centre by administering on-campus programming that is congruent with UWindsor’s Values and aligned with the University of Windsor’s policies and procedures as stated below. Campus partners can either offer programming that occurs after the start of classes or collaborate with the existing programming that has been scheduled prior to the start of classes. As a measure of quality control, health, safety and standard of conduct, all UWindsor Welcome Week Events to be promoted in the official UWindsor Welcome Week Schedule by the Student Success and Leadership Centre will honour the recommendations and requests put forth by the Event Information Form Committee. 

In an effort to improve Welcome Week from year to year, various success measures are employed, including survey-based assessments, first-year focus groups, and interviews with upper year students who have participated in the UWindsor Welcome Week program as Faculty Leaders. Feedback is always welcomed to ensure our programming is meeting the needs of our students. If you have feedback for us, you can send it to orientation@uwindsor.ca.  

  • Academic Excellence: Connection and Diversity
  • Community Impact: Engagement and Partnerships
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Enhancing Safety and Belonging
  • Indigenization and Decolonization: Continuing the Journey
  • People: Care, Compassion, and Respect
  • Student Experience: Transformation and Inclusion
  • Sustainability: Climate and Environment
  • Transformation: Adaptability, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Trust: Accountability and Transparency

Source: University of Windsor Strategic Plan (2023-2028)

We are aligned with event planning policies that are stipulated on the Office of Student Experience website.