Research Interest & Expertise

Dr. Kuo's research focuses on the interface between culture and mental health among culturally diverse populations, and falls within the domains of cross-cultural and multicultural psychology. In particular, Dr. Kuo investigates how culturally diverse groups and individuals respond to various stressors and cope with psychological and mental health consequences that may arise from these stressful circumstances.

Under this broad scope, Dr. Kuo has published research and conducts ongoing research across the following areas:

  1. Cultural coping responses and processes
  2. Cultural adaptation (acculturation) and cultural identity of ethnic minorities, immigrants, international students, and refugees in Canada and the U.S.
  3. Mental health well-being and trauma recovery of refugee survivors
  4. Multicultural clinical/counselling competency training
  5. Psychological treatment-seeking behaviours and attitudes of culturally diverse populations

Moreover, Dr. Kuo's research extends internationally with cross-cultural studies involving multiple countries and regions (e.g., multinational, cross-national research) as well as indigenous studies (e.g., counselling/psychotherapy) carried out in Asia and elsewhere. While primarily a quantitative researcher, Dr. Kuo has published works with both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Dr. Kuo's research takes on multicultural and developmental perspectives and examines psychological phenomena with participants across the life span, including adolescents, international students, university students, adults, and older adults.