About Dr. Kuo

Professional/Academic Interests and Backgrounds:

As a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Kuo actively engages in clinical training and psychotherapy practices in addition to his research. He designed and regularly teaches two graduate-level courses on multicultural clinical/counselling competency training. Dr. Kuo's clinical experiences involve therapy work with clients of diverse backgrounds, including international students, immigrants, refugees, racial/ethnic minorities and non-minority individuals in Canada, U.S., and Asia.

These therapy experiences extend from counselling clients in dealing with adjustment, relational, psychological and family issues, and treating survivors of traumas due to domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, and political torture. Dr. Kuo also serves in a consultation/advisory capacity for several community-based and health organizations and research-policy initiatives in Canada.   

Dr. Kuo has travelled, lectured, and provided workshop training and teaching extensively in across the globe. Click this link to learn more about his experiences teaching internationally.


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