Multicultural Clinical and Counselling Research Group (MCCRG)

The MCCRG is a research group consisted of graduate/undergraduate students and faculty researchers who are interested in cultural, cross-cultural, and multicultural research. This research group is particularly interested in applied cultural and multicultural research with a specific focus on research's relevance to clinical/counselling psychology practices and training and mental health implications and interventions.

The MCCRG’s philosophy premises on the importance of investigating and applying theoretically-driven and empirically-tested cultural variables (e.g., self-construals, individualism-collectivism, acculturation, ethnic and racial identity, multicultural counselling competence, etc.) to psychological inquiries.

Studies conducted under the scope of the MCCRG also include research with culturally diverse and understudied sample populations domestically and internationally. The group meets biweekly to discuss, exchange, and critique research ideas and on-going projects carried out by members of the group. These projects have included students’ theses/dissertations, independent research studies, and faculty-student collaborations. Members of the group are supported and encouraged to submit their works to academic conferences and refereed publications.