Dr. Fazle Baki

Dr. Fazle Baki

Contact Information:

Office: Odette Building, Room 410

Phone: 519-253-3000, ext 3118

E-mail: fbaki@uwindsor.ca


1999 Ph.D. Applied Operations Research University of Waterloo, Canada
1995 MBA Operations Management University of New Brunswick, Canada
1991 MBA Management Science  University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
1987 B.Sc.  Engineering   Bangladesh Institute of Technology


I joined the Odette School of Business in the year 2000. I am cross-appointed with the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering since 2003. I was involved with an industrial research project in DaimlerChrysler as a Summer Professor Intern in 2004 and 2005. Previously, I served the Institute of Business Administration, University Dhaka, Bangladesh from 1992 to 1993.

Research Interests:

Generally, my interest is to carefully look into systems and processes and find some improvement opportunities with the development of new and improved algorithms. Examples of systems are manufacturing and health care. Examples of processes are scheduling and inventory management. The improvement may be found in the requirement of resources such as capital assets, human resources, time requirement, etc. The improvement may also be found in the quality of service delivered.

The systems and processes I look into are usually large and complicated as the optimization problems may often be classified as “NP-hard.” Finding a good and efficient algorithm for such problems is generally difficult. However, a mathematically rigorous investigation into the variables, parameters, constraints and objectives may provide some models and algorithms, which are acceptable to the contemporary researchers and practitioners. The algorithms I develop are usually based on mixed integer linear programming, dynamic programming, goal programming, and metaheuristic methods.

In the past, I published papers on manufacturing, scheduling and traveling salesman problem. Recently, I have taken interest in the areas of inventory management and healthcare. The following are some journals in which I published or submitted papers:
1. Computers and Operations Research
2. Journal of the Operational Research Society
3. International Journal of Production Research
4. Operations Research Letters
5. Omega

Teaching Experience:

Modelling in Management Science and Systems, 73-498
Operations Management II, 73-431
Operations Management I, 73-331
Quantitative Decision Models II, 73-320