Abdulnasser Elgaddar

Abdulnasser Elgaddar

PhD Student

Currently, I am completing my PhD in Industrial Engineering. I have a post-Graduate diploma (Industrial Management, 2000) from Al Fateh University (Tripoli- Libya). I also hold an M.Sc in Industrial Engineering (2007) from Tabbin Institute for Metallurgical Studies in (Cairo, Egypt). I have a Master of Management degree (2003) from Libyan Academy of Higher Studies(Tripoli- Libya).

Work Experience:

1) I worked as a teaching staff member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Higher Institute of Engineering Careers in Libya for five years. During these years, I taught: Maintenance management, Industrial management, and Writing Technical Reports to 2nd-year students.

2) I was Department Head of teaching staff at The Higher Institute for Overall Careers. Tripoli-Libya, (2007 to 2008). I was also a member of the scientific committee.

International seminars attended:

  1. (1998 to 1999)……………………(CNC)computer numerical control (Operating machinery by Computer).
  2. (2010)…………………. Preparing administrative leaders program.