Specialized Training

Within the program, students specialize in one of three tracks. Each track has a coordinator and associated faculty.

Adult Clinical

The Adult Clinical track provides training in the practice of clinical assessment and intervention. Therapy training is offered in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, experiential, emotion-focussed, and family therapy.

Much of this training is provided on campus at the Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC). Through the Centre, students provide clinical services to members of the University community under faculty supervision through course-related practica. As well, five post-MA clinical students are accepted for year-long half-time practicum positions each year.

Recent graduates of the Adult Clinical track are employed in hospitals, private practice, school boards, university counselling centres, academic teaching positions, and a children's mental health centre.

Child Clinical

The Child Clinical track provides solid grounding in both typical child development and developmental psychopathology, as well as in a broad range of clinical assessment and intervention techniques.

The Child Study Centre in the Psychology Department provides a training and research centre for students. Centre facilities are used for course-related practicum experiences in child assessment and therapy interventions. The Centre also provides a research setting used by both students and faculty. Training in psychoeducational assessment is also provided on campus at the Psychological Services & Research Centre (PSRC). In addition, the Summit Centre is affiliated with the University of Windsor and also provides training and research opportunities for students. The Summit Centre provides assessment and intensive early intervention services to preschool children with autism, using Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Recent graduates of the Child Clinical track are employed in children's mental health centres, hospitals, school boards and a university.

Clinical Neuropsychology

The Clinical Neuropsychology track has a life-span developmental orientation and provides training in child clinical neuropsychology, adult clinical neuropsychology, and cognitive neuropsychology.

Recent graduates of the Clinical Neuropsychology track are employed in medical schools, universities, hospitals, and specialized clinics such as rehabilitation centres.

For more information, please see the Clinical Neuropsychology website.