Participant Pool

The Research Participant Pool is a large group of undergraduate students who are registered in eligible psychology courses and may elect to participate in any given semester. If you want to know if your course is eligible, please speak with your instructor.

Detailed Information

Advantages of the Participant Pool

  1. The Psychology Research Participant Pool procedures and policies help to ensure that undergraduate research participants receive equitable treatment and compensation for participating in research.
  2. The Psychology Research Participant Pool helps to ensure equitable access to available undergraduate research participants by all researchers within the department (i.e., honours students, graduate students, and faculty).
  3. Use of the Psychology Research Participant Pool helps to enhance the quality of samples used in department-based research studies (e.g., minimizes subject self-selection biases, makes it easier to recruit participants who meet specific inclusion/exclusion criteria). This in turn enhances the value (and “publishablility”) of research produced in the department.
  4. The Research Participant Pool procedures help to foster a more robust research culture within the Department of Psychology. At the undergraduate level, students have early exposure to research through their participation as subjects in research studies.
  5. The Research Participant Pool facilitates timely completion of research projects in the department, at least for those projects in which undergraduate students are appropriate subjects of study.

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