Ken Cramer, Ph.D

Office: Room 183 A Chrysler Hall South
Phone: (519) 253-3000, ext. 2239

Dr. Ken Cramer is a 3M National Teaching Fellow and a University of Windsor Teaching Leadership Chair.
He is also a Professor in the Applied Social Psychology area of the Psychology Department, where he has been employed since 1998.

He received his MA and PhD in Social/Personality Psychology from the University of Manitoba.

He is interested in metacognition—learning how students learn (in particular using skills-training modules on topics such as time management and test-taking)—and this has directed much of his research and conference presentations to date. Dr. Cramer also studies topics in the areas of health, personality, and social psychology, including sex and gender, person perception and attributions, community and health, and meta-motivation states.

Further to his clinical interests, Dr. Cramer investigates topics such as post-traumatic growth, emergency personnel counselling, and help-seeking (even among university/college students). Although Dr. Cramer has recently moved away from the instruction of first-year students (a position he held for 16 years at Windsor), he is now involved in the instruction of upper-level undergraduate classes in personality and social psychology, as well as statistics and tests/measurement.

He supervises students at all levels: from independent undergraduate projects to honours theses, as well as theses at both the Master’s and doctoral level.