Joe CaseyThe Child Neuropsychology Research Group (CNRG) is a group of individuals who are associated with my research lab at the University of Windsor.  The group includes students, faculty, and community colleagues who are engaged in research with us.

There are several lines of research being conducted in my lab, most revolving around 

  • the neuropsychological processes that are measured by tests used in the assessment of children,  
  • the typical and atypical neuropsychological development and functioning of children,
  • assessment and diagnosis issues related to neuropsychological assessment, and
  • the neuropsychological features and adaptive implications of various developmental or childhood acquired disorders, especially learning disorders and ADHD.

Studies that do not fit neatly into any of these categories but are of interest to us have also been conducted.  A perusal of our conference presentations will give you an idea of recent projects we have been working on as well as other lines of research that are possible through my lab.

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