Major Program Modifications

PDC Form B - Major Program Changes

Major modifications to existing programs typically include modifications that significantly change the requirements, structure, design, and content of an existing program. Major changes significantly impact the equivalency of the revised degree program with the existing program in terms of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes or disciplinary attributes acquired, significantly altering the kinds of expertise students develop. This might include, but is not limited to, one or more of the following:
a) Introduction of a new specialization (including, field, option, stream, concentration), comprised primarily of existing courses that is offered with existing faculty expertise and resources
b) A change in major program requirements (typically 1/3) that differ significantly from those existing at the time of the previous cyclical review or the introduction of one of the following:
     -   the merger of two or more existing programs into a single program or
         creating a combined or concurrent program from two existing standalone
     -   the introduction or deletion of a thesis or major paper requirement
     -   the introduction of deletion of a practicum, internship, co-op work
         experience or portfolio requirement
     -   the creation of a field in a graduate program (with no request for
         endorsement by the Quality Council)
     -   for graduate programs where a thesis was previously required, the
         addition of a course-based option;
     -   combining programs that are created from two existing standalone
         programs (e.g., creating a Combined Hons in X and Y, where Hons X and
         Hons Y are established programs). Where one or more of the programs 
         proposed to be combined are not currently established, a PDC Form A - 
         New Program Proposal is required;
     -   formalizing advanced standing and/or block transfer credit into an existing
         program. For collaborative or dual degree programs, a new Program Proposal
         (PDC Form A) must be completed.
c) changes to program content, other than those listed above, that significantly affect program-level learning outcomes, but do not meet the threshold for a new program
d) significant changes to faculty and/or program resources essential to the program, including, but not limited to significant changes in the mode of delivery of the program
     -    introducing an existing program at a new site
     -    introducing an on-line version of an existing program

Changes to requirements, delivery system, pedagogical approach, assessment policy or semester pattern, while potentially informing changes to programs that may constitute major modifications, do not, in and of themselves, constitute major program modifications. 

The deletion of an entire program, while significant, does not qualify as a major modification in that there is no program to modify. Deleting a program does not alter learning outcomes. Students enrolled in a program, at the time of its deletion, will be able to complete the program, within a reasonable timeframe. Proposals to delete a program should be submitted on a PDC Form C.

Depending on the type major modification proposed, the completion of portions of this form may not be relevant. In such cases, please mark “N/A”. The goal of this form is to clearly identify changes and additions to programs, while ensuring that the overall intent, structure, curriculum and resource implications of the revised program remain consistent with that which was originally approved.

PDC Form B: Major Program Changes