Minor Program Modifications

PDC Form C - Minor Program Changes:

Minor modifications to existing programs typically include modifications that do not significantly change the requirements, structure, design, and content of an existing program. This form is to be used when proposing program changes which affect degree requirements but do not alter the learning outcomes of the program. The form is also to be used when proposing changes to courses which require additional resources or when deleting a program. Examples of minor program changes include:
     -   creation of a Minor
     -   creation an undergraduate certificate or diploma
     -   creation of a for-credit micro-credential
     -   laddering, staking, or similar options
     -   new concurrent offering (from existing programs) or changes to a
         concurrent offering. Where one or more of the programs proposed
         to be run concurrently are not currently established, a PDC Form A -
         New Program Proposal is required


PDC Form C - Minor Program Changes