Phase 4, Normal of The Resumption of Research Framework Begins Effective Immediately: COVID-19 Consent Addendum No Longer Required

September 22, 2022

Message from the Research Ethics Board (REB)

The University of Windsor’s Research Ethics Board notes following the announcement from the Vice President of Research and Innovation regarding the University’s return to Phase 4, Normal of the Resumption of Research Activities that the COVID-19 Consent Addendum is no longer required as part of the in-person human participant consent process for University of Windsor affiliated research.

The REB’s direction for options as to how to handle cleared consent processes for which the Addendum was required, but have not yet been undertaken, are as follows:

  1. Please proceed accordingly with the cleared research protocol that includes the COVID-19 Consent Addendum;


  1. Please submit a Request to Revise indicating the desire to exclude the COVID-19 Consent Addendum given the return to Phase 4, Normal.

The REB echoes Dr. Houser’s reminder that “all research activities should continue to follow guidelines established by the University, including masking in all indoor spaces where physical distancing of two meters cannot be maintained.”

At this time, the REB has no further specific direction with respect to health and safety protocols for in-person research; however, it may require additional health and safety measures, depending on the research context of individual projects, to minimize the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19 to participants, the community and to individual members of the community.


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