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Volunteer Community Member (Unpaid) – University of Windsor Research Ethics Board

The University of Windsor’s Research Ethics Board (REB) is currently seeking community members to serve on its Socio-behavioural stream. Research Ethics Boards review research applications involving human participants for the ethical acceptability of the conduct of the research project which includes a consideration of the risks, consent process, project design, recruitment pathway, funding, population to be sampled etc., and corresponding materials like research instruments (questionnaires, surveys), recruitment documents (emails, flyers), funding contracts and the like.

Established as required under Article 6.1 of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (2022), the University of Windsor’s REB plays an integral role in assisting researchers to achieve research excellence by ensuring that all research involving human participants and their biological materials is conducted according to the highest ethical standards. The expertise, wisdom, and collective engagement of its members leads to the effectiveness of the REB.


The Role of the Community Member on the REB:

While there is some mandatory training for the Member at no cost to them, no research expertise is necessary. The role of the Community Member is unique in that is it is at further arm’s length from the institution than the REB generally. The Community Member is meant to bring the perspective of research participants to the REB discussions; therefore, they should not currently be affiliated with the University of Windsor (a student, employee, researcher on a project), and they should not currently be engaged in research or legal work as their principal activities.

The new Member will sign a confidentiality agreement and will not be permitted to discuss REB meeting/application details outside of the meetings and/or the other Members present.


Service Commitment: One – Three (1 – 3) Year Term

Time commitment: an average of four (4) hours or less/month, including review time and monthly REB meetings. The Socio-behavioural Board meets once per month for two hours and usually reviews 1-3 applications per meeting.

Summary of responsibilities: review the ethical acceptability of projects submitted to the REB and attend the monthly REB meetings.

REB meetings are typically held the first Tuesday afternoon of each month (except August – no REB meeting). These are currently held via Teams, but some in-person meetings may eventually be held at the University.


  • Observation of one REB meeting
  • Completion of the TCPS2 online tutorial: The training to be undertaken must be completed before reviewing any applications. It is self-paced, user-friendly, and is designed to provide general ethical acumen as it relates to research, but in a way that those new to research ethics will be able to engage with and easily understand. A Certificate will be awarded when the training is completed and is required by the incoming Member to be submitted to the REB.
  • Group or individual training as needed with the Manager, Office of Research Ethics and/or the REB Chair

This is an unpaid, volunteer position.

If you have any questions, please contact Harmony Peach, Manager, Office of Research Ethics at or at 519-253-3000 ext. 3710. A brief letter outlining your interest along with your CV can be sent to

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