Research Security Guidance by Tri-Agency and Canada Foundation for Innovation

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Canada's Tri-Agency research funding agencies (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR; Tri-Agencies) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) simultaneously published revised recommendations to promote the security and integrity of sensitive Canadian research both domestically and overseas.

Starting May 1st, University of Windsor researchers applying to and receiving all Tri-Agency grants and funding or Canada Foundation for Innovation grants for research that advances a sensitive technology research area  will be required to submit attestations as per the new guidance. Researchers may also be asked to submit research-security risk assessments when applying for funding opportunities that include research and collaboration with private-sector partners. Additional attestation or risk evaluations may be necessary throughout the grant management cycle. Resources for carrying out these processes are also now accessible.

These new guidance documents respond to the Government of Canada's Policy on Sensitive Technology Research and Affiliations of Concern (released January 2024), and the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships ;(2021). The guidance and resources are also intended to support actions that safeguard against the theft and misappropriation of research, as well as the unauthorized transfer of ideas, research outcomes, and intellectual property.

Tri-Agency Resources

CFI Resources

Government of Canada Resources

Research Security Department at University of Windsor encourage all members of the research community to familiarize themselves with this guidance, as well as the research-security policies, guidelines, and resources provided by the Government of Canada. Members of the University of Windsor research community can contact the Research Security Department for further support and consultation at

Research Security Center is hosting webinars on their research security guidance in the upcoming weeks. Click here for more information .

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