Moving In! Inter-Summer 2024

Moving In! 

Move-in day is Sunday, May 5, 2024.  Students can pick up their keys at Cartier Hall between the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Travel directions to Cartier Hall , click on DIRECTIONS,  


  • Move-In information is only for new students moving into residence whose program starts May 6, 2024 

  • Move-in information for new students whose program starts later, move-in information will be provided at a later date 

  • Residence students who are arriving after their scheduled Inter/Summer 2024 session move-in date, must submit a Late Arrival form 


  • Move-in information is only for new students moving into residence, and not for those who will move over from Winter residence 

  • Current students moving to Cartier Hall will receive an email from the Facility Coordinator notifying them as to when their Inter/Summer 2024 room assignment is ready. 

  • Students will have 72-hours (3-days) to move over to their summer assignment once they've been notified. 


  • New students will need to submit their picture for their student card to the UWinCard Office by April 29, 2024  at   If you do not submit your photo in advance, this will delay your move-in process, as you will need your student card for residence building access and could experience long line ups in the UWinCard Office at the start of term. If you submit you picture ahead of time, your student card will be ready upon check-in. 


  • Cleaning Supplies  

  • Important Documents (School Letters, Health Card, Passport) 

  • Laundry Supplies 

  • Bed Linens (See building info page for sizes) & Towels 

  • Medications 

  • Personal Hygiene Products, toletry (bathroom) supplies

  • Cooking supplies (ie. pots & pans, dishes, utensils, kettle, coffee maker) 

  • Food

  • Storage Bins 

√ Bed & Mattress 

√ Closet with Drawers 

√ Desk & Chair 

√ Window covering

√ Apartment-size Fridge 

√ Waste Basket & recyling bins w/garbage bags provided

X  Candles / Incense 

X  Furniture / Large Appliances (i.e Exposed Elements) 

X  Halogen Lamps 

X  Illegal Items 

X  Individual Glass Alcohol Bottles 

X  Mini fridge 

X  Space Heaters 

X  Tape