Apply FAQ's:

You may choose to go home or explore other parts of Canada during Canadian holidays or during study breaks when there are no classes on campus. You're not required to move out of your residence during these breaks and there are no additional fees to stay. During the Christmas holiday break we do require you to let us know if you are staying in your residence.

You can continue to live in residence as long as you are a registered student.  In many other Canadian university campuses, students can only live in residence for their first year.

We ask that you move in on the official "move in day" and these dates can be found in the "Important Dates" section of the residence website.  Exceptions will be made only for extenuating circumstances but since you know when you're moving in well ahead of time, plan to do so on the official move in date since volunteers and staff are here to help you.

Under extenuating circumstances, residence will review a request to move in early but you will need to complete an "Early Arrival" request on-line.  If permission is granted to move in early, we will contact you with specific check-in information and the cost associated for the additional night(s) stay.  If you are arriving late, you must complete a "Late Arrival" on-line form so your room assignment is not released to a student on the waiting list.


Life in Residence FAQ's

If you are living on a co-ed floor you may have students of any gender living on the same floor with separate washroom facilities. 

When applying students are asked to identify their gender identity and whether they want to live in a room that is gender specific, all gender or no preference. Selecting all-gender or no preference means you may be assigned to a room that includes roommate, bathroom-mates, or suitemate of a different gender identity than your own.

If you select single gender you will NOT be placed in a room with someone who identifies a different gender identity than you have selected but you may be placed on a co-ed floor 

These are different gender identify options available on the application:

  • Male - Male is a person whose gender identity of male is the same as their assigned sex at birth
  • Female - Female is a person whose gender identity of female is the same as their assigned sex at birth
  • Trans Female - A Trans Female is a woman who was assigned male at birth but now identifies as a woman
  • Trans Male - A Trans Male is a man who was assigned female at birth but now identifies as a man
  • Non-Binary - A non-binary is a person whose gender identity is neither male nor female, or a mix of the two

Residence is only as noisy as you want it or allow it to be.  There are quiet hours every night from 11pm (week nights) or 1am (weekends) to 8am and there are respect hours at all times.  If you find that noise is bothering you, talk to the people involved or go to a Resident Assistant for assistance.  During the exam period, 23 quiet hours are in effect.

UPDATE:  At this time, due to COVID-19 restrictions, no guests are allowed until further notice

Definitely!  You are responsible for your guest's behaviour and you must sign your guest into the building after 8pm nightly.  You must stay with your guest at all times while they are visiting you.

Every room has a designated mailbox in the main lobby where mail is delivered.  For packages and courier deliveries that are too large to fit in the mailbox, an email will be sent to your Uwin email address with the information needed to pick up the package.  Package pick up hours and location will be specified in the email.

You need to check out of your residence room 24 hours after your last exam (both in December and April) or by 4pm of the last contract date, whichever comes first.  If you need an extension, you need to complete a "Request for Extension" on-line form found on the residence website www.uwindsor.ca/residence under "Forms and Documents".  To remain in residence during the December Holiday break, the same "Request for Extension" form must be submitted and approved.  There is a deadline date for the extension request and this information will be communicated to you, or it can be found under "Important Dates".