Residence Accessibility Request

Residence Accessibility Request

Residence Services will do our best to accommodate students who require residence accessibility.  Our goal is to provide the student to live comfortably, succeed both academically and personally.  However, students must be able to be self-sufficient, able to handle and manage their own needs and/or mobility concerns while in residence. 

If you require special consideration for your accommodations, submit your request, along with documentation to us no later than June 5, 2023.  Final accommodation, including room assignments, is determined by Residence Services according to the level of the resident’s need(s). 

Students applying after the June 5, 2023 deadline; their request will be reviewed based on our ability to accommodate.

We are unable to provide additional staff or resident support for personal care assistance.

To provide the appropriate accommodation, the following steps must be followed prior to a room assignment being made

  1. Read and complete the Assessing Needs in Residence Form

  2. Ask your doctor to complete the Medical Certificate Form

  3. All completed forms are to be uploaded into the StarRez portal.  To login, click StarRez Portal (

  4. If you are supported by a service animal, please visit the Student Accessibility Services website to discuss the intake process to register your service animal for accommodation.