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Alternate Health Plans

Retired Teachers of Ontario Plan

This plan is an option for us. Bob Chandler is a member and has kindly sent the following information.

The URL for RTO is: There you can find information on the plans available, including premiums.

For Extended health including drugs (monthly): Single: $67.46, Couple: 134.94, Family: 161.94.

Semi-private: S: $16.26, C: $32.49, F: $38.18.

They do have a dental plan but with the 50% subsidy we get it's cheaper through the university.

I also have long term care insurance (premium according to age at joining), home and auto (varies of course - my home insurance is $49.59/month and my auto is $112.72/month).

My total monthly premium (Extended health, Semi-private, Longterm care, home and auto and membership fee in RTO (based on size of pension) is $364.78/month.

The carrier of the insurance is Johnson, Inc. Their webpage is at: This is especially useful for members since you can review your coverage and premiums there any time.