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AMICA Riverside - luncheon and tour


David Palmer and Keshia Kersey again

David Palmer and Keshia Kersey who hosted the luncheon and tour of AMICA Riverside - welcoming comments.

OK, this was fun! And informative! (And I can't seem to be able to make a proper or complete sentence.)

Keshia Kersey, Community Relations Coordinator at AMICA Riverside, graciously hosted twenty WURA members (well, maybe it was nineteen members - I counted but forgot to remember the number) on April 30, 2019. We were treated to a light lunch; sandwiches, salads, fruit and cheese plates, coffee, tea prior to an all too short tour of their amazing facility. This place is a ten! We also encountered a couple UWindsor retirees who live there, by the way.

For those who were not able to join us but are interested in learning more of what AMICA Riverside has to offer check out their Website or you can contact Keshia Kersey if you have any questions. 

Many thanks to Keshia and her staff for a very pleasant and informative afternoon.

So here are some pictures, not presented in any order. 

David Palmer and Keshia Kersey - opening comments

David and Keshia.

Room full of people

Everyone getting settled in. Seated at the table from left to right, Marlene Crawford, Twyla Glassford, Larry Glassford and Ian Crawford.


Larry Glassford and friends

OK, in reverse order, kind of, Larry Glassford, Ian Crawford, Marlene Crawford and Twyla Glassford.

Waiting in line for food

Lining up at the buffet areTwyla Glassford, Larry Glassford, Ian Crawford, Lucia Yiu and Barb Biggar (backs to camera).

Lucia and friends

Barb Biggar, Vito Signorile, Bernie Kroeker and Lucy Kroeker.

Food line

Vito, Barb Biggar and Lucia Yiu.

Martin Morf, Vito Signorile, and Veronika Mogyorody

Martin Morf, Vito Signorile and Veronika Mogyorody

People talking

Lonnie Palmer, Veronika Mogyorody and Judy McIntosh.

Maertin Morf, John McIntyre and Judy McIntyre

Martin Morf, John McIntosh and Judy McIntosh.

Vito Signorile - so this is where Mackenzie Hall is now.

Vito Signorile - the moment one realizes that this is where Mackenzie Hall is. It's the library and meeting room on the nth floor. The view was incredible. 

The kitchen where people can make their own food if they want.

The kitchen where you can cook, and if you're like me, try to learn to cook. From left to right; Richard Householder, David Palmer, Lucy Kroeker, Lonnie Palmer, John McIntosh, Keshia Kersey and Veronika Mogyorody.

John McIntyre and friends

John and Judy McIntosh.

John ... again

John McIntosh, David Palmer and a friend of John's who is a resident at AMICA Riverside.

The plant room. OK ... I am not a gardener.

The "plant room" where residents can grow stuff. Or, if you're like me, not grow stuff. Judy McIntosh and David Palmer.

More people at tables

Richard Householder, Lonnie Palmer and David Palmer.

This is the spa. People asking questions.

Haircut, pedicure and everything in between. This is the full service spa at AMICA Riverside. Complete top to bottom care. 

Closing comments - Vito, David, Martin and Keshia (who gave out cookies).

Keshia answering questions near the end of the tour. She has cookies.

This is a sample of a resident's apartment. Very "Marie Kondo mininalist look.

An example of a single bedroom suite. The decorator was not Marie Kondo. It's just been cleaned up and waiting for a new resident to move in.

People enjoying the buffet.

Food! From left to right, Vito Signorile, Veronika Mogyorody, Martin Morf, Bernie Kroeker, and John McIntosh.

Closing statements

Keshia answering questions ... and distributing cookies. From left to right; Keshia Kersey, Lucy Kroeker, Richard Householder, Veronika Mogyorody and Vito Signorile.

Lucia and friend

My favorite picture! Smiles say it all. Lucia Yiu and Barb Biggar.