CURAC 2020 AGM REPORT (Remote in Zoom)

By Roger Lauzon

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 2 p.m.

1. Welcome: Bryan Harvey, the Chair, welcomed 44 attendees by Zoom. There was a quorum of 28 voting delegates, out of 40. This meeting replaces the AGM from May 2020 in Vancouver (at UBC). It was also agreed that the AGM in Montreal (at McGill) in 2021 has been cancelled.

2. Treasurer’s Report: The account is in very good shape; there has been no travel for the Executive to meetings. The Affinity contracts are very successful, over $50K in cash distributed to the members. There has been a surplus in the account this year of over $10,500 (with minimal expenses).

3. Nominating Committee: 4 current members of the Board were renewed; 3 retiring members, who were thanked for their service; 3 new positions to replace the 3 retired Board members; and no new nominations from the floor.

4. Board Conference Committee: UBC’s cancelled conference from 2020 has been moved to 2022. McGill’s AGM in 2021 will be online at the same time in May, with a possible virtual conference in October, if people are interested. PEI’s AGM has been moved to 2023.

5. Reports from Other Committees: No questions or comments related to the reports of other committees and external liaisons.

6. Other Business: I asked the following question: “Does anyone have Best Practices on How to Recruit Executive members for local retiree organizations?” The Chair indicated that normally, this type of discussion is done at open sessions at AGM’s. I received the following feedback: McGill – Nominating Committee – network of people from different areas, and newer members; St. Mary’s – try to recruit new members to Board, then move to Nominating Committee after couple years; UofGuelph – they speak at pre-retirement meetings (like our HR meeting); McMaster - they have a lunch for new retirees (similar to our dinner or sepa rate?), careful not to only advertise in Newsletter, better to have personal knowledge of individuals. NOTE: Possibly some ideas for WURA to discuss our procedures for the selection of the 2022 slate of officers?