WURA Virtual Fall AGM and Holiday Luncheon (on Zoom)

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 - 12:00

Attend the AGM.

WURA has decided to schedule a combined Virtual (on Zoom) Fall AGM and Holiday Luncheon on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. President Gordon is planning to be available to give a greeting to WURA members at the start of the meeting. Since we are meeting at 12 noon locally at lunch time (or out West in B.C. for breakfast), and WURA members love to meet for the Holiday Luncheon, we have decided to combine the two events virtually this year, because of the current environment. We will try to keep the mood more informal, as a luncheon would be. Please provide your own sandwiches from home (locals) or coffee (in B.C.).

The Agenda for the AGM will be similar to a regular WURA Fall AGM (the last one being held in Fall 2019), with Reports from all regular University areas and WURA Committee Reports. All Reports will be requested to be provided a week beforehand, except for President Gordon, so that all attendees only need to ask questions on the Reports. This will keep the virtual meeting to no more than an hour.

The Reports requested beforehand from the University areas will be from the Provost’s Office (Dr. Weir), the WUFA President (Dr. Lanoszka), Human Resources (Ms. LaCivita and/or Ms. Paglione), and Student Awards and Financial Aid (Ms. Doll and/or Ms. Hawkins). The WURA Reports will be from the WURA President (Mr. Lauzon), Treasurer (Dr. King), Scholarship/Bursary Fund (Dr. B. Thomas), Pension and Benefits (Ms. Foster), Nominating Committee (Prof. Palmer), and WURA rep on BofG Pension Committee (Dr. Stebelsky).

The AGM will also give out a few WURA Awards and Recognitions, and some door prizes will be drawn. Hopefully, this combined virtual AGM/Holiday Luncheon will be both informative and fun, during this pandemic time.