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Sand-based microbes explored as filter of algal blooms

- Jan 15, 2024

Chelsea Salter spent her master’s studies combing through Lake Erie sand investigating microbes because they were doing something unique. They were cleaning water tainted with an algal bloom toxin called cyanotoxin.

Salter (BSc 2020, MSc 2023) first heard of the phenomenon happening off the coast of Pelee Island when she was an undergraduate working in Chris Weisener’s lab. Dr....

Demo Day a showcase for computer science student projects

- Jan 12, 2024

300 Ouellette Avenue was filled with students, faculty, and industry partners for the ninth annual Computer Science Demo Day on Friday, Dec 14.

Groups of students stood in front of computers, eager to pitch their programming projects about applied Artificial Intelligence, agriculture, healthcare, social media trends, education and tech for consumer decision making.

Two MAC...

Nest environment affects birdsong acoustics, study finds

- Jan 11, 2024

Savannah sparrows living on a remote island off the coast of New Brunswick build their nests on the ground under dense vegetation. Sarah Dobney, a PhD student in the Department of Integrative Biology, wanted to know if this thick covering limits what nestlings can hear, potentially altering song learning — and set out to find out.

Nestlings learn to sing by listening to adults nearby....

Weekend an opportunity for discussion of inorganic chemistry

- Dec 14, 2023

More than 100 American and Canadian chemists took part in the 54th annual Inorganic Discussion Weekend hosted by the UWindsor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Nov. 17 to 19.

The IDW meeting has been running for over 50 years since it was started by Barry Lever in 1968, as a mechanism for inorganic chemists to come together, share scientific views, and foster friendships and...

Twin grades result in tie for medal win

- Dec 11, 2023

It is a tie. The 2023 Board of Governors In-Course Medal for the Faculty of Science has two winners this year — twin sisters Ally and Jenny Noble.

The medals usually go to one student with the highest average in each faculty. But this year in science, the twins tied with their cumulative average of 99 per cent. The third-year undergraduates are in the same double major of biomedical...

Faculty members apply teaching expertise to computer science program

- Dec 8, 2023

Seventeen new faculty members have joined the Faculty of Science during the past two years.

Readers of yesterday’s DailyNews met six members from a range of departments and backgrounds. Today will introduce the other five latest hires.

These faculty members are joining as teaching intensive assistant professors in the Masters of Applied Computing (MAC) program in the...

Researchers bring expertise to Faculty of Science

- Dec 7, 2023

2023 is proving another fruitful year for new faculty members joining the Faculty of Science.

In addition to the four faculty members who joined in January 2023, and three in 2022, 11 more joined the science family this summer.

Today’s article introduces a range of...

Grant to fund exploration of causes of blood cancers

- Nov 29, 2023

By developing a technique to measure how long it takes each cell type in the bloodstream to divide, Brian DeVeale hopes to reveal cancer-causing mechanisms.

An assistant professor of biomedical sciences, he will begin “Defining relative cell cycle lengths in mixed cell...

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