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System logs student experience on high-tech equipment

- Oct 25, 2021

Faculty of Science students have the unique opportunity to use high-tech research equipment on UWindsor’s campus. With a new Research Instrumentation Management System called Badger, they can now obtain proof of training and hours logged on these specialized instruments.

“This is an invaluable tool for student to demonstrate experience and proficiency with equipment,” says Chris Houser...

Walk this way: UWindsor researchers developing prototype of diagnostic insole

- Oct 22, 2021

Insoles embedded with tiny sensors may soon diagnose problems with the way you walk.

A team of UWindsor researchers is taking the first steps toward bringing this invention to market. Armed with provisional patents and a difficult-to-obtain, research and development grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), members hope to have a prototype...

Faculty member developing resource to provide hands-on experiences in bioinformatics

- Oct 22, 2021

A seemingly endless stream of big data is pouring out of biological and life sciences research at a rate much faster than it can be analyzed. A UWindsor faculty member is developing a resource to help students take on bioinformatic careers in a field where demand for expertise outweighs the supply.

Zareen Amtul, who teaches core courses in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry’s...

Citizen scientists and UWindsor to monitor coastal changes at five national parks

- Oct 21, 2021

When you take a photo of yourself, that’s a selfie. When you take a photo of the coast, that’s a coastie!

Parks Canada is launching the Coastie Initiative, a new citizen science program in five Parks Canada administered locations. Pictures taken by visitors in these places will help monitor coastal change over time.

Cell phone cradles will be installed in specific areas at the...

Panel to discuss engaging community in research

- Oct 20, 2021

WE-Spark Health Institute will host an introductory “Community-Engaged Research Workshop and Panel Discussion,” open to all levels and research backgrounds on Friday, Oct. 22.

“Involving community members or knowledge users in a research project supports knowledge dissemination,” says Adriana Grande, the institute’s knowledge translation co-ordinator. “Beyond that, it makes meaningful...

Research shows effectiveness of homemade masks

- Oct 19, 2021

A research project led by Ken Drouillard of the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research has concluded that certain simple two-ply cotton masks can be as effective as some surgical medical masks — or more so.

Dr. Drouillard, along with along with UWindsor health sciences professors Lisa Porter and Dora Cavallo-Medved and Catherine Clase of McMaster University, worked in...

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