About the MSTHS Program

The MSTHS professional program is designed to provide students with education and skills to enter a wide variety of career paths in translational health sciences. Students will gain the experience they need to find careers implementing clinical trials in industry, clinical, and academic settings, as well as work for government agencies and community organizations that engage in disease prevention and health promotion.

The MSTHS program includes traditional lecture-based courses in Cancer Cell Biology, Clinical Research Methods, Advanced Statistics, and Fundamentals of Oncology.  Additionally, a specialized seminar course in Professional Development will provide students with professional skills, including communication skills and networking skills within the health sciences, allowing them to succeed post-graduation. And, most notably, MSTHS students will learn and gain experience through hands-on clinical studies with local researchers in our Experiential Learning Placement course. Program graduates will thus have the training and knowledge necessary to become active and successful contributors to the many health industries related to translational health sciences. 

You can learn more about each course in the "Course Descriptions" link on our program's homepage.