About Us


Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Windsor! We are a brand new Department formed in July, 2019 that is focused on research and teaching in the areas of molecular and cellular biology, and how they relate to human health and disease. Our faculty are active researchers who employ the most advanced experimental technologies.  They are committed instructors who teach courses in subjects central to understanding how a human body works and the causes and treatments of human disease.


Our mission is to academically prepare students who want to pursue a post-graduate degree in a professional health related program (e.g. medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic and optometry) and/or who have a desire to learn more about the relationship between human health and disease, and its connection to other fields of science.  By offering opportunities during your degree to work or volunteer in research labs, students will be exposed to the latest research and technology in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, while building transferrable skills that are applicable to a multitude of career paths.

Who are we?

Our faculty specialize in cancer biology, animal development, cell signaling, epigenetics, neuroscience and immunology, and offer courses with rich laboratory experiences at all levels.  Our staff are committed to supporting students on their path towards reaching their academic goals. Our students are actively engaged in learning within our classrooms, research labs and community. If you are interested in biomedical sciences and want to potentially enter a health related field in the future, our Department is the place for you!