Undergraduate Programs

Honours Bachelor of Forensic Science 

This program will enable students to develop as inquisitive researchers, gain an understanding of scientific processes and standardized laboratory protocols, recognize the significance of high ethical standards, and develop sophisticated interpersonal skills for communicating results to the criminal justice system.

Students will have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of forensic science, namely forensic human biology, forensic chemistry, or the ecology of death.  Throughout the program, students will apply their knowledge and skills to address pressing issues in forensic science, blending a strong scientific foundation with practical application of the field's principles. By engaging in a capstone project under the guidance of experienced professionals or scientists, students will gain hands-on experience in real-world forensic settings.

Combined Bachelor of Arts in Forensics

This multifaceted program provides training in the collection, identification and presentation of evidence in criminal investigations and offers students the unique opportunity to integrate a second field of study, such as criminology, psychology, or sociology into their degree.

With a strong emphasis on effective communication relating to evidence analysis and the standards of criminal investigations, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between science and law. In this dynamic program, students can tailor their degree to their specific interests and career goals, preparing them for further studies at the graduate level.

Combined Bachelor of Arts in Forensics And Criminology (Applied Forensic Science Stream)

Interested in crime scene investigation and have a college diploma in Police Services? UWindsor offers a degree that combines forensic knowledge and criminology and recognizes the hard-earned knowledge about policing and police services that students have already gained. This program focuses on state-of-the-art forensic technologies, investigative methods, and the criminal justice system.

The 2 + 2 Degree Completion Pathway: Applied Forensic Science Stream (Combined Bachelor of Arts in Forensics and Criminology) is specifically created for graduates of Ontario Police Foundations college programs, with a graduating average of >73%. It allows graduates to get credit for up to 20 courses in the Combined BA in Forensics degree at the University of Windsor. This means that following the completion of the Police Foundations program, students complete approximately two years of study at UWindsor in the Combined BA in Forensics program and earn a degree in Applied Forensic Science. This degree is recommended for college graduates interested in a career as a law enforcement officer or in the criminal justice system.

Students can also explore the Undergraduate Calendar to learn more about program requirements and course descriptions.