Forensic Science Transfer Program

Transfer Program Quick Facts

Interested in crime scene investigation and have a college diploma in Police Services? UWindsor has a new four-year degree that allows you to combine forensic knowledge and criminology and recognizes your hard-earned knowledge about policing and police services. You will learn about state-of-the-art forensic technologies, investigative methods, and the criminal justice system.

The 2 + 2 Degree Completion Pathway: Applied Forensic Science Stream (BA Forensics) is specifically created for graduates of Ontario Police Foundations college programs, with a graduating average of >73%. It allows you to get credit for up to 20 courses in the BA (Forensics) degree at the University of Windsor. This means that following the completion of the Police Foundations program, you complete two years of study at UWindsor in the BA (Forensics) program and earn your degree in Applied Forensic Science . 

If you want a career as a crime scene officer, behaviour profiler or perhaps a forensic psychologist – this is the program for you

In Fall 2020 the Faculty of Science officially launches the Applied Forensic Science Stream (BA Forensics)  to streamline the process of turn a diploma into a degree.


What is this new program?

The first of its kind in Ontario, it allows students admitted to the Combined Bachelor of Arts in Forensics - Applied Forensic Science Stream to obtain credit for their previous college work and earn the equivalent of 2 years of Advanced Standing (or be awarded up to 20 course transfers). Students earn a 4-year degree with focusses in forensic science and in criminology.

After completing twenty-one (21) courses at the University of Windsor in fulfillment of the requirements of the Combined Bachelor of Arts in Forensics - Applied Forensic Science Stream, students will be awarded a Combined Bachelor of Arts in Forensics - Applied Forensic Science Stream.  If you took a Biology Course in college as part of your program or as an elective, you will only be required to take twenty (20) courses at the University of Windsor.


What are the Admission Requirements?

1) Two-year Ontario College Diploma in Police Foundations from a qualifying Ontario or equivalent College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT), with a cumulative average of at least a B (73%) grade.

2) Successful completion of MHF4U and SBI4U or their equivalent courses. Students who have not completed these courses or their equivalents will be required to complete the equivalent courses within the Foundations of Science Preparation Program*.

3) Note that enrolment in Fall 2020 will be limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that the majority of class will be online. 

Preparation Courses

Students who have not completed High School Functions (MHF4U) and Biology (SBI4U) or their equivalent courses, can complete these courses within the Foundations of Science Preparation Program offered at the University of Windsor by Continuing Education. See for more details.


What courses will I need to take at UWindsor?

Forensics (12 courses): SACR-2150; SACR-3230; BIOL-1101; BIOL-1111; SOSC-2500 or STAT-2910; FRSC-2007; FRSC2100; FRSC-3105; FRSC-3111; LAWS-2190; FRSC-4207; one of the following: FRSC-3217, FRSC-4018, FRSC-4227, FRSC-4237, SACR-4120 or FRSC-4217

Criminology (9 courses): SACR-1100 or SACR-1000; SACR-2910; SACR-2900; SACR-3080; SACR-3900; SACR-3730 or SACR-3910 or SACR-3560; one of the following: SACR-3620, SACR-3630, SACR-3650, SACR-3670, SACR-3700, SACR-3500, SACR-3740, SACR-3820 or SACR-3710; two 4000-level courses, including one of SACR-4210, SACR-4500, SACR-4910, SACR-4600, SACR-4610, SACR-4640, SACR-4650 or SACR-4670

Course descriptions:


What is the recommended Course Sequencing?

Year 1:

Fall:  FRSC 2100, BIOL 1101, SOSC 2500*, SACR 1100*, SACR 2150

Winter: FRSC 2007, BIOL 1111, SACR 3230, SACR 2900, SACR 3080* or SACR 3730

Intersession:  FRSC 3105

Year 2:

Fall: FRSC 4207, LAWS 2190, SACR 2910, SACR 4xxx (suggested 4210), SACR 3080 or SACR 3730

Winter: FRSC 3111, SACR 4xxx, SACR 3900, FRSC – option*, SACR 3620/3630


     *Note: Courses in bold must be taken in the semester listed in order to allow for sequencing.  Courses in italics are only offered once a year. * indicates course may be offered during summer session.


Sample Careers:

  • Crime scene officer
  • Border services officer
  • Behavior profiler
  • Internet security analyst
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Police officer

Interested applicants should apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre website using the OUAC Code: NFS,  under the All Other Undergraduate Applications (OUAC 105)

For more information about this new program, contact the Dean of Science at