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Faculty - Dr. Myron Hlynka

Dr. Mayron Hlynka

Myron Hlynka, Ph.D. (Penn State)

Chair, Actuarial Science Program
(519) 253-3000 x3014
Lambton Tower 9-114

More info: Personal Homepage

Area of Research
Queueing Theory, Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Statistics, Operational Research
Research Interests
My major area of interest is queueing theory. This is an area of applied probability that studies waiting lines.
Waiting lines abound in the real world. There are waits in telecommunications connections, medical care, traffic systems, call centers, there are waits in restaurants, grocery stores, banks. Most queueing systems permit a mathematical model to describe them.
Such models can be useful for prediction of performance with new parameters, and for control to improve the system.
My work is theoretical and generally involves some kind of queueing model. I am especially interested in queueing models in unlikely areas - such as queueing models for diseases or health conditions within a single individual.

Recent Master's Students:

  • T. Sajobi, M.Sc, 2007, M.Sc. Thesis: Markov Transition Matrices and Fibonacci Numbers
  • D. Chang, MSc, 2006, M.Sc. Major Paper: Simulation of Queues with Arrivals before Opening Time
  • C. Ramasundarahettige, 2006, M. Sc. Major paper: A Comparison of Queueing Software Packages

Recent Publications:

  • Nonhomogeneous geometric distributions with relations to birth and death processes, by Mandelbaum, Hlynka, and Brill. TOP (journal), V. 15, 281-296, 2007.
  • An M/G/1 retrial queue with balking and retrials during service, by Wu, Brill, and Hlynka, International Journal of Operational Research, V. 1, 30-51. 2005.

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