Student Misconduct and Bylaw 32 Petitions

Procedures for Addressing Student Non-Academic Misconduct

The University has launched an external review of its Procedures for Addressing Student Non-Academic Misconduct.

This page includes Forms and Information in cases of:
  1. Student Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct
  2. Student Petitions Alleging Procedural Irregularity or Discriminination in Academic Instruction, Academic Evaulation or Academic Grade Appeals (Bylaw 32 Petitions)

Student Academic Misconduct

(Senate Bylaw 31)

Report of Academic Misconduct

Student Non-Academic Misconduct

(Procedures for Addressing Student Non-Academic Misconduct)

Report of Non-Academic Misconduct

Extraordinary Power of Suspension and Exclusion from Campus

Associate Vice-President, Student Experience (Order of Suspension or Exclusion from Campus - NA Form 2)

Procedural Irregularity or Discrimination in Academic Instruction, Academic Evalution, or Academic Grade Appeals

(Senate Bylaw 32)