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School of Social Work Student Representatives

Thank you to our Student Representatives for the 2023-24 year. We appreciate your hard work and commitment!

Nominations begin in September for all programs. Program Secretaries will send out information within the first few weeks of classes. If you have any questions, please contact

What are student representatives?

Student representatives are elected by the student body each year in the fall semester.  The school sends a call to all students by email at the beginning of the semester. There is an election process, followed by voting and ultimately the student representatives are announced by the program secretaries via e-mail.

The student representatives represent their cohort in various school meetings. They are required to attend school council and other meetings as outlined in the various job descriptions. They bring forward student concerns and relay information back to students. They are a vital part of the school! We strongly encourage students to be a student representative. If you would like to contact your student rep, please contact and indicate your program and year of study. The school will forward your information to the appropriate student representative.

The following is a list Program Student Representatives:

Evan Gignac is a 22 year old MSW student who’s eager to represent his peers best interests on campus. Evan graduated with his BSW from the University of Windsor in 2022, spending his fourth year placement at Aegis Health Group. There he worked with people experiencing homelessness and addiction. After graduating, Evan was given an opportunity to work at Regional Children’s Centre. There he worked with children experiencing anxiety, ADHD, autism, and concerns related to mental health. Evan wishes to remain in mental health, preferably in a health care setting, with aspirations of eventually utilizing his athletic experience to work one on one with athletes.

Evan is an alumni of the Windsor Lancers baseball team and has an abundance of experience in team and competitive settings. Those who know him see him as an outgoing, confident, approachable, and easygoing person who cares about the opinions of others. These skills of empathy and communication would make him an excellent candidate to represent MSW in a community setting.

Hello everyone!

My name is Leigha Hossack and I am in my third year of the professional years for Social Work! I am so honoured and excited to be this year's BSW student representative for the School of Social Work School Council.  I am deeply passionate about both the field of social work and the well-being of my fellow students. I am ready to listen to any concerns and ideas and be completely committed to being a dedicated advocate for everyone's voice. We are a community and team now so I cannot wait to represent us! 


My name is Paige Lord (she/her) and I am your 2023-2024 student REC. I am currently in my 4th year as a BSW student and in the process of completing my placement at Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society. My goal is to continue my education and become a Medical Social Worker to assist people in a hospital setting.

My passion for advocacy and activism has only grown more throughout my years in the program, so I intend to bring this passion to ensure ethical research for all Social Work students.

I am excited to see what this year brings! Thank you :)

Photo of Kelly McNaughton smiling.

A warm welcome to incoming social work students and to those of you returning to your programs and research in 2023/24! Classmates have provided me the privilege of nomination for PhD representation on School Council and the PhD committee, roles that are critical to promoting quality and affirming advancement of our doctoral education. I am currently a third year PhD, having previously completed a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at Wilfrid Laurier, my Bachelor of Social Work at the University of British Columbia, and a Master of Social Work at McGill. While at UBC I was involved with Student Council and at McGill I was a graduate representative on both the Research and Curriculum Committees. The connection with classmates, gaining insight from their experiences and goals, informed many discussions at committee tables and directed the work we were able to achieve. Currently, I am the PhD representative on the Student Advisory Group with the Ontario Association of Social Workers/OASW. I am also an instructor with the MSWwp Program and appreciate what is shared by students especially as they look toward their future in the profession and continued education with doctoral studies.

The University of Windsor’s social work community is strong with a voice that reflects the values of our profession and an education that prepares us well for research and action. I hope that as a student representative I can more effectively contribute to advocacy and discussion at the decision-making level through my engagement with classmates, fellow PhD colleagues as well as our faculty members. I work as a Program Manager in Peer Support and Trauma Response at SickKids in Toronto and I appreciate that responsiveness and support is essential to the well-being of all, and as students conducting our PhD studies remotely (often feeling at times isolated and disconnected from the school or others) we are no different. It would be a privilege for me to be able to support my fellow PhD colleagues, to aim for a greater sense of connectedness and increased communication about program and school matters but also to share your experiences and thoughts about the PhD program and environment.

Thank you for your consideration! Wishing all a positive and successful 2023/24.

My name is Maddy Motyka and I am very excited to introduce myself as your 2023-24 MSW/JD program representative. I recently completed an Honours degree in Political Science with a minor in Sociology and a concentration in Public Law at Brock University. Having held an active role at Brock University (Law Plus Mentor, Student Affairs Assistant, Golden Key Honour Society Chapter Treasurer and Political Science Ambassador), I am excited for the opportunity to bring my love for learning and community to the University of Windsor.  

I have always had a passion for helping and supporting youth, which has led me to discover my main research interest and focus topic: child protection and child welfare. I have had (and continue to hold) various volunteer and employment roles, most notably including Pathstones Mental Health, Big Brothers Big Sisters and New Beginnings here in Windsor, all of which have solidified my devotion to this subject area. Through these opportunities and experiences, in tandem with the unique, innovative education provided by the MSW/JD program, I hope to turn my passions and desire for social justice into a career with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. 

If you see me walking in the hallways, feel free to ask me about my latest booktok book obsession, most recent reality TV show binge, or my two adorable pups! 

I look forward to meeting and supporting everyone in what is sure to be a great year! 


The following is a list of our Committee representatives:

This is a headshot of Mavis Odei Boateng

Hello, thanks for checking my profile. I am currently a PhD candidate (ABD) at the School of Social Work. As a first-generation female immigrant to Canada and someone whose paradigm aligns with the social construction worldview, I am drawn to multiple ways of knowing. I bring these perspectives to my current role as the graduate student representative to the School of Social Work appointments committee for the 2021-2022 academic year. The appointments committee is responsible for reviewing applications for sessional instructors and hiring new tenure-track faculty to the School of Social Work. I am thrilled at the opportunity to learn about the processes and requirements for securing academic appointments, and to contribute meaningfully to such an important task through the lens of an ABD. Medaase (Meaning - thank you).

This is a headshot of Kelly McNaughtonHello social work peers!  After nearly 30 years in direct practice and management roles, my social work journey continues with the PhD program at Windsor.  I have devoted my career to trauma work and am currently a manager of the Peer Support and Trauma Response Program for staff at Toronto SickKids.  These experiences have played a critical role in my research interests in mental health and the work of first responders and frontline healthcare providers.  I completed my BA (psychology) at Laurier, my BSW at the University of British Columbia and my MSW at McGill.  Providing a voice to equity, diversity and inclusion is inherent to social work and foundational in a respectful and collaborative process of planning and decision-making. To this end, I’ve endeavoured as a student to contribute to school initiatives and committees where possible.  I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Laurier Alumni Association, and was student representative for the School of Social Work at UBC and later the graduate representative at McGill for the Admissions and Curriculum Committees.  It is a privilege to be able to contribute in a meaningful way to the School of Social Work at Windsor in my role as “Riham’s Understudy” for the Renewals, Tenure and Promotion Committee. This, too, is a part of my educational journey!

The following is a list of our Social Work Student Association (S.W.S.A.) Members:

Photo of Cole Barber smiling Hi all! My name is Cole Barber (he/him), and I am the President of SWSA this academic year! I am super excited to be in this role and be able to work with my peers to create a more safe, welcoming, engaging environment at the School of Social Work for all students. It is my passion to be an advocate and be the voice for the underrepresented folks in our communities. As a team, I hope we are able to make this school year as enjoyable as possible! 

Kind regards,


Cole Barber

Hi everyone! 

My name is Alysha Davidson my pronouns are she/her, and I am excited and looking forward of being SWSA’s Vice Present during this academic year. I am in my fourth year at the University of Windsor. I came to the University of Windsor as a mature student. Previously in 2013 I graduated from St. Clair College from the Personal Support Worker program. Caring for people is where my passion lies and has been since I was young. However, being a PSW did not allow me to advocate for the people I cared for in the ways I hoped I could. Which is why I am now working towards becoming a Social Worker in Gerontology. My hope for this year is for us students to stay engaged, safe and create a welcoming environment for us all.

Thank You,

Alysha Davidson 

Hello everyone!  My name is Meighan Mann (she/her).  I am a returning student in my second year of the BSW program.  As your treasurer of the SWSA for this year (2023-24), I hope to get to know many of you.  I am excited to take on this role and please know that I am always open to fresh ideas and new perspectives.  I am passionate about helping those with mental health struggles and bringing awareness to the community about social justice issues.  Let’s have a great year together.    

Be well. 

Meighan Mann 

Hello, my name is Brady Cochrane (He/him), and I am a third-year student in the BSW program. I am your 2023-2024 Minister of Social Affairs. I am currently deciding the trajectory of my future career in social work, whether that be more micro or macro focused practice. I believe at my core that our underlying structures inform who we become, and so I have a duty towards positively impacting the structures that make up the BSW program. I hope in getting to know you all better, we in SWSA can help to do our part in making UWindsor a place that works to support and enrich all students lives at its core. I’m really excited for this opportunity and happy to meet you all throughout the year!


Hello everybody!

My name is Emma Logan, and my pronouns are she/her. I am currently in my third year of the Social Work and Women and Gender Studies program, and I am now the Women and Gender Studies Representative for SWSA. I am very passionate about social justice and equal rights for all, and I hope to be able continue the process of making campus a safe and welcoming place for all. I am here for any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out! I look forward to being able to represent your voices. 

Hi folx, my name is Julia (she/her) and I am so excited to be this year's Child and Youth Care (CYC) Transfer Representative for SWSA! I am a Lambton College CYC graduate that has transferred into my 3rd year of Bachelor of Social Work here at University of Windsor to further my education. My long-term goal is to work with youth struggling with mental health challenges within the hospital or clinical setting. 

I know how overwhelming it can be making such a big step, so I am passionate about easing that stress for all of you! I am here as an advocate for those on a different education/career path, specifically those with CYC roots. I currently volunteer at U of Windsor's Pride Center and attend classes on both the main and downtown campuses. So, when you see me around, say hi!

Remember to practice self-care and take care, 


Julia Pagano

CYC Graduate

3rd year BSW Student

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella Denno (She/Her) and I am delighted to be your first year rep for SWSA this upcoming school year! I am a first year student in Social Work with interest in advocating for the rights of the 2SLGBTQIA+ and disabled communities, as well as those who struggle with mental health. I want to help spread information about the SWSA committee and how we help Social Work students have a supportive and enjoyable experience while in this program! As first year rep, I hope to be a person you can come to with ideas, questions, and concerns regarding our program. I’m learning alongside you all so don’t be afraid to reach out!:) 

Thank you.


Hey everyone, my name is Emma Wright (She/Her). I am the 3rd year bsw representative. I am looking forward to representing all my peers and hope for an exciting school year, with many fun events! 

Throughout the years I’ve found a passion for working with seniors in long term care homes. I look forward to utilizing my social work degree to further my experience with geriatrics and end of life care! 


Hello everyone! My name is Monica Saunders, and I am honoured to be SWSA's Fourth Year Student Representative. I am enrolled in my fourth year at the University of Windsor and undergoing my Field Placement at the Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre. As a BSW student with a minor in political science, I have learned the foundation of a macro-level social work practice. As I continue to navigate through my post-secondary education, I have developed a passion for research and policy. With a Bachelor of Social Work degree, I plan to work in the criminal justice system on the macro level through government and policy intervention. Altogether, I plan to support people through research and policy analysis continuously. 

Thanks for listening!

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Have a great day!

Monica Saunders