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Hours of Operation

Assistant to the Head: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Graduate Secretary: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Undergraduate Secretary: Monday to Friday, 9:00AM - 3:15PM

Contact Information

For general inquiries by telephone, call: 519.253.3000 x 2188.

Send general inquiries by email to

Department Mailing Address

University of Windsor
Department of Sociology and Criminology
Chrysler Hall South
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
Canada N9B 3P4

Academic Support - Faculty Members

Dr. Sheilagh Towson, PhD
Acting Head of Department
Location: 160A CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 5014

Jane Ku, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Programs
Location: 260-2 CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 2228

Dr. John Deukmedjian, PhD
Professor and Undergraduate Chair
Location: 260 CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 3985

Academic Support - Staff Members

Sarah Deserranno
Assistant to the Head
Location: 160-C CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 2190

Diane Abi-Samra
Graduate Secretary
Location: 158-2 CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 2191

Sandy Masson
Undergraduate Secretary
Location: 158-3 CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 2188

Heather Metcalfe
Academic Advisor 
Location: 158-1 CHS
Tel: 519.253.3000 x 2197
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:00am-4:00pm or by appointment