Faculty & Lecturers

Faculty & Lecturers

Photo of Robert Arnold

Dr. Robert Arnold

Associate Professor & Graduate Chair
Office: 261 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3980
Email: arnoldr@uwindsor.ca
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Dr. Tanya Basok

Research Interests: Development, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Migration and Immigration
Office: 160-1 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3498
Email: basok@uwindsor.ca 
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Dr. Carlo Charles 

Assistant Professor
Office: 151-3 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2192
Email: carlo.charles@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Rudhramoorthy Cheran

Dr. Rudhramoorthy Cheran

Research Interests: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Migration and Immigration
Office: 250-1 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2194
Email: cheran@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Robert Arnold

Dr. Ronjon Paul Datta

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Classical and contemporary social theory, philosophy of social science, political sociology, religion, Durkheimian studies, Foucault, social pathology, capitalism.
Office: 156-3 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3975
Email: rpdatta@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Natalie Delia Deckard

Dr. Natalie Delia

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Critical Criminology, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, and Feminist Criminology
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2186
Email: ndeliade@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of John Deukmedjian

Dr. John Deukmedjian

Associate Professor & Department Head
Research Interests / Specializations: Policing, Security, Intelligence and Surveillance, Criminological Theory, Governance and Governmentality, Political Economies, Histories of Knowledge.
Office: 260 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3985
Email: johndeuk@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Amy Fitzgerald

Dr. Amy Fitzgerald

Professor  & Undergraduate Chair 
Research Interests: Green Criminology, (Critical) Animal Studies, Animal Abuse, Gender Studies, Environmental Sociology
Office: 157-3 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2182
Email: afitz@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Amy Fitzgerald

Dr. Glynis George

Associate Professor 
Research Interests:Immigrant settlement; Community-based research; Qualitative methodologies; Culture and gender
Office: 161 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2196
Email:  ggeorge@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Jane Ku

Dr. Jane Ku

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Race, antiracism, feminism, solidarity, activism and immigrant settlement
Office: 260-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2228
Email: janeku@uwindsor.ca
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Dr. Jacqueline Lewis

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Crime, Deviance & Law; Drugs & Society; Health, Illness, Death & Dying; Social Inequality; Public Policy & Health; Prostitution & Sexual Labour; Qualitative Methodology
Office: 161-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2207
Email: lewis3@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Randy Lippert

Dr. Randy Lippert

Research Interests: Law and society, policing/security, surveillance/privacy, governance and urban studies
Office: 150-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3495
Email: lippert@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Suzanne McMurphy

Dr. Suzanne McMurphy

Associate Professor
Office: 157-1 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3071
Email: mcmurphy@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Reza Nakhaie

Dr. Reza Nakhaie

Research Interests: Evaluating socioeconomic integration of immigrants and refugees, and how experience of discrimination limits educational achievement of newcomer youth.
Office: 156-1 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3706
Email: nakhaie@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Francisca Omorodion

Dr. Francisca Omorodion

Research Interests / Specializations: Family, Sex and Gender, Sexuality and Health Development
Office: 50-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2203
Email: omorodif@uwindsor.ca
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Dr. Renu Sharma-Persaud 

Sessional Lecturer (III)
Office: 151-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3920
Email: rsp@uwindsor.ca
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Dr. Camisha Sibblis 

Assistant Professor 
Office: 151-1
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2153
Email: camisha.sibblis@uwindsor.ca
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Photo of Danielle Soulliere

Dr. Danielle Soulliere

Associate Professor/FAHSS Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
Research Interests / Specializations: Cultural Criminology, Gender Studies, Media
Office: 208A/B CHT
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2029
Email: soulli6@uwindsor.ca
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Dr. Wesley Tourangeau

Assistant Professor
Research Interests / Specializations: Green Criminology
Office: 157-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 3497
Email: wesleyt@uwindsor.ca 
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I/S 2024 Sessionals:

Andrea Anderson
Email: andrea.anderson@uwindsor.ca

Renee Grozelle
Email: grozellr@uwindsor.ca 

Ellyse Winter 
Email: ellyse.winter@uwindsor.ca

Adjunct Professors

James Brophy
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kathy M'Closkey
Adjunct Associate Professor

Mark Munsterhjelm
Adjunct Professor

Margaret Keith
Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Russell Nahdee
Adjunct Lecturer

Urvashi Soni-Sinha
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professors Emeriti

Barry Adam
 Professor Emeritus

Gerald Cradock
Associate Professor Emeritus

Janice Drakich
Associate Professor Emeritus

Ruth Mann
Associate Professor Emeritus

Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale
 Professor Emeritus

Alan Phipps 
Professor Emeritus