Undergraduate Information

Our Department has a variety of stimulating, flexible, and diverse programs for undergraduate students.

Course Sequencing 

For students that are majoring in Sociology or Criminology, please refer to course sequencing below.

Degree Programs 

The following is a list of available degree programs. Your "major" defines an area of disciplinary focus and a "minor" is an area of supplementary specialization.

Sociology: Major and Minor 

Criminology: Major

Family and Social Relations: Major and Minor

Studies of Sexuality: Minor

Our programs and courses are relevant to people's lives in a changing world. We holistically integrate academic study, critical thinking skills, organizational skills, methodology and research design training, social analysis, theory, and communication skills development in each of our degree programs. The research and analytical skills we teach, all of which are valued by employers, provide a foundation for personal, professional and academic success. These characteristics help prepare you for understanding and explaining the social forces shaping the contemporary social world and how viable and desirable social change can be achieved.

The Department has award-winning, accessible professors committed to your education, research, and public service. Our faculty members maintain strong research records at the cutting edge of their fields of expertise, bringing their experience into your classroom experience.

A vibrant student community in the Department, peer support, and collective learning all enhance the student-centred experience. You also have the opportunity to gain for-credit work-related experience in our 4th-year practicum courses.