About Sociology

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Our relevant, well-established, comprehensive sociology programs involve the systematic study of the many components of social life, from face-to-face and family relations, to population characteristics and dynamics, law, education, gender, social classes, inequality, power, immigration, social movements, ethnicity, workers' rights, health, business, religion, government and globalization. We aim to understand and explain social life in a changing world.

A degree in sociology provides rigorous training in research and communication skills, methodology, analytical tools, and theory - all highly valued by employers - combined with detailed learning about specific social institutions.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of societies, their institutions, dynamics, processes, social relations, social practices, social actors, power, hierarchies, conflicts, symbolic systems, social roles, norms, values, and types of regulation. Sociologists aim to comprehensively describe, understand, and explain how various facets of social life, such as family relations, groups, collective identity, social movements, organizations, rules (including laws), religion, work, ethnicity, sexuality, and others, emerge, stabilise, endure, and change.

The societies in which we live our lives, including how they change, involve many complex interrelationships. Sociology is the discipline dedicated to investigating and unravelling this complex tapestry to create plausible, well-researched models and accounts of the constitutive features of social life and their consequences. Sociology has been, and remains, at the forefront of understanding human affairs.

Available Degree Programs

Your "major" defines an area of disciplinary focus and a "minor" is an area of supplementary specialization.

Bachelor of Arts - General (3 Year)
Bachelor of Arts - Honours (4 Year)
Bachelor of Arts - Combined Honours Sociology (4 Year)
Bachelor of Arts - Combined Honours in Sociology and Criminology (4 Year)
Minor in Sociology (6 courses)
Minor in Studies of Sexuality (6 courses)