About Criminology

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Our popular, well-established, and widely respected criminology program focuses on studies of criminal activity, illegalities, legal- issues, policing, regulation, the criminal justice system, surveillance, and security as major factors in society. The program is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge for students intending a lifelong involvement in the areas of criminology and criminal justice, particularly in research, government work, and the criminal justice system.

Drawing on sociological foundations, criminologists focus on wrong-doings,  harms, and forms of victimization, investigating the conditions in which they arise, their causes, and consequences in light of debates and social conflicts about prevention and justice.

Criminologists systematically investigate how crimes, illegalities, and criminal behaviours are identified and how laws and regulations are enforced and administered. Equipped with specialized knowledge, social research skills, and theoretical tools, criminologists are able to advise the public, governments, and community groups about crime and harm prevention, policing, law, and public policy.

An Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology provides rigorous training in central research and communication skills, methodology, analytical tools, and theory, combined with detailed learning about specific dimensions of crime. This degree opens the door to many career tracks including (but not limited to) police service, law (with additional studies), public and private security agencies, border services, intelligence, and immigration.

Available Degree Programs

Your "major" defines an area of disciplinary focus and a "minor" is an area of supplementary specialization.

Note: The Combined Honours Criminology Programs are not available for a Combined Honours degree with Sociology.