Tanya Basok

Dr. Tanya BasokTanya Basok, Ph.D., MA, BA
Office: CH 160-1 
Email: basok@uwindsor.ca 
Telephone: ext. 3498


Research Areas

My research focuses principally on migration and migrant rights. I have conducted research on violations of human rights in Central America, refugee movements, refugee settlement in Central American countries, the Canadian refugee policy and its application, professional certification of former Soviet Jewish physicians in Canada, anti-Semitism and nationalism in the former Soviet Union, volunteer retention in community agencies concerned with Social Justice, Mexican migrant workers in Canada, organized labour’s and grassroots advocacy for migrant rights in Canada and the U.S., the rights of female migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean, and more recently, on Central American migrants in Mexico.

Teaching Areas & Recent Courses Taught

Food and Global Sustainability
Race and Ethnic Relations
Citizenship, Rights, and Social Justice 

Recent and Key Publications 


Basok, T., D. Bélanger, M. Rojas and G. Candiz  2015. Rethinking Transit Migration in Mexico: Precarity, Self-Making, and  Mobiliy, Palgrave Macmillan Press  
Basok, T. and S. Ilcan. 2013. Issues in Social Justice: Citizenship and Transnational Struggles, Oxford University Press.   
Basok, T. 2002. Tortillas and Tomatoes: Mexican Transmigrant Harvesters in Canada, McGill-Queen's University Press


Book Chapters:

Basok, T.. 2016. “Temporary Migrant Workers in Canada: Protecting and Extending Labour Rights” a chapter in a book Human Rights in Canada, edited by Gordon Di Giacomo, University of Toronto Press (in press) 
Basok, T., D. Bélanger, G. Candiz, E. Rivas (2015) "Espacios de "ilegalidad": El caso de trabajadores mexicanos en dos comunidades rurales de Canadá”. En Martha Judith Sánchez Gómez y Sara María Lara Flores (Coors.) “Los programas de trabajadores agrícolas temporales ¿Una solución a los retos de las migraciones en la globalización? México: UNAM-IIS. 
Basok, T., N. Piper and V. Simmons. 2013 “Disciplining Female Migration in Argentina: Human Rights in the Times of Migration Management,” in M Geiger and A. Pecaud (eds). Disciplining the Transnational Mobility of People (Palgrave Macmillan). In press. 
Basok, T. and N. Piper. 2013. “Justice for Migrants: Mobilizing a Rights-Based Understanding of Migration,” in Mobilities, Knowledge, and Social Justice, edited by Suzan Ilcan, McGill-Queen’s University Press.  



2013 SSHRC (Principal Applicant) Connection Grant, “Reclaiming Democracy and Social Justice: From the Arab Spring to Occupy to ….” Workshop, held May 17-18, University of Windsor  
2012  SSHRC (Principal Applicant) “Mobility in transnational zones of precarity: A view from the Guatemala-Mexico border”  
2011 CERIS/Metropolis (Principal Applicant) “A Decision to Become Undocumented: Mexican Migrants in Leamington, Ontario”  
2008  WSIB (Co-Applicant) “Reporting of Workplace Injuries by Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Workers”  
2007  IDRC (Project Leader) “Advancing the Rights of Female Migrants: Case Studies of Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic”