Robert Arnold

Dr. Robert ArnoldRobert Arnold, PhD, MA, BA
Associate Professor & Graduate Chair

Office: CHS 261
Telephone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3980



Dr. Arnold worked in applied social research before becoming a university professor. He had published four book-length manuscripts, dealing with families in poverty, contraceptive use, job-seeking and job-finding among young welfare recipients, and the experience of separated parents over 18 months after separation. He had been much involved in program evaluation, and so was very pleased, in 1990, to become project methodologist for the team evaluating Better Beginnings, Better Futures, a multi-site demonstration program aimed at improving the life chances of children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Children in Junior Kindergarten at the beginning of the research have now been followed to Grade 12.

He has taught methods and statistics from the year he received his PhD to the present, in courses from the undergraduate to the doctoral level. For 2010-11 and 2011-12, he was Chair of the Advisory Committee for Windsor's MA in Social Data Analysis (MASDA). His textbook "Intermediate Social Statistics: a Conceptual and Graphic Approach", was published by Oxford University Press Canada in 2014. He is currently examining the usefulness of item response theory with scales used in sociological research.

He has taught introductory sociology (several times), social psychology (his MA thesis area), and sociology of the contemporary family, which he has offered at Windsor for nine years. In that course, he teaches from extended notes, which are updated every year.

Having specialized in methodology, he is often asked to consult or collaborate on studies. He has co-authored academic papers in criminology and sociology of health as well as in program evaluation, and has supervised theses in each of these areas. He is currently co-investigator for an evaluation of a mentoring program designed for students at risk of leaving high school, as well as a member of thesis committees assessing other programs.


  • PhD, McMaster University (1988), Sociology
  • MA, University of Saskatchewan (1967), Sociology
  • BA, University of Saskatchewan (1964), Sociology

Recent and Key Publications:



  • Intermediate Social Statistics: a Conceptual and Graphic Approach, (Oxford University Press Canada, 2014)

Articles in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals:

  • Bernstein, Daniel M., Alan Scoboria and Robert Arnold, The consequences of suggesting false childhood food events, Acta Psychologica, 156: 1-7 pp, 2015
  • Kuo, B.C.H., Arnold, R., and Rodriquez-Rubio, B., Mediating Effects of Cultural coping in the link between spirituality and psychological distress in a culturally diverse undergraduate sample, Mental Health, Religion and Culture, 17: 173-84 pp, 2014
  • Arnold, Robert, Eleanor Maticka-Tyndate, Eric Tenkorang, Daniel Holland, Adeline Gaspard, Isaac Liginaah and HP4RY team., Evaluation of school-and-community7-based HIV prevention interve3neions with junior secondary school students in Edo State, Nigeria, African Journal of Reproductive Health, 16: 103-125 pp, 2012
  • Pascual-Leone, A., Bierman, R., Arnold, R., and Stasiak, E., Emotion focused therapy for incarcerated offemders of intimate partner violence: a 3 year outcome using a new whole sample matching method, Psychotherapy Research, 21: 331-347 pp, 2011
  • Kuo, Ben C.H.; Robert Arnold; and Beatriz Rodriguez-Rubio, A four year analysis (1996-2000) of social capital and the health status of Canadians: the difference that love makes, International Journal of Psychology, 2010

Community Involvement:

  • Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Social Capital/International Scope Review