John Deukmedjian

Dr. John Deukmedjian

John Deukmedjian, PhD, MA, BA
Associate Professor & Department Head

Office: 260 CHS
Telephone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3985



Policing, Political Economy, Criminology/Delinquency

Recent and Key Publications:


  • Post-Neoliberal Security: A Sea of Problems and the Landscape of Solutions, (2016) (In Progress)
  • The Realignment of RCMP Conflict Management, (Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG, 2009), 254 pp

Chapters in Books:

  • "Securitization, info-politics and the suppression of liberty", Deukmedjian, John E., in Handbook of Security 2nd Edition, Gill, Martin (eds), (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), 900-918 pp

Articles in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals:

  • Deukmedjian, John, E., From neoliberal securitization to global corporatism: Where did free-market capitalism go?, 2015
  • Deukmedjian, John, E, Making sense of neoliberal securitization in urban policing and surveillance, Canadian Review of Sociology, 50: 52-73 pp, 2013
  • Deukmedjian, John, E, The sovereignty and biopolitics of suicide, 27 double-spaced pp, 2011
  • Deukmedjian, John E; Cradock, Gerald, From Community to Public Safety Governance in Policing and Child Protection, The Canadian Review of Sociology, 45: 367-388 pp, 2009


  • Organization of Part time University Students (OPUS) Faculty Award, 2011