Amy Fitzgerald

Dr. Amy FitzgeraldAmy J. Fitzgerald, PhD, MA, BA (Hons)
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research
Office: 157-3 CHS
Telephone: 519-253-3000 ext. 2182


Research and Teaching Areas

Dr. Fitzgerald's research is situated at the culture/nature nexus and focuses on the perpetration of harms (criminal and otherwise) by humans against the environment and nonhuman animals. She has interrogated this broad area of inquiry vis-à-vis several topical areas, including the coexistence of animal abuse and intimate partner violence; industrialized animal agriculture; sport hunting culture; the pet food industry; the animal advocacy and environmental movements; animal cruelty laws and investigations; and environmentally-mediated human health risks.

Her work is interdisciplinary, although she draws from and contributes most specifically to the fields of green criminology, (critical) animal studies, environmental sociology, and gender studies.

Recent Courses Taught

Dr. Fitzgerald's teaching is concentrated in the Criminology program in the department. She teaches the following courses:

  • Law and Social Order (48-262) at the Second Year Level
  • Victimology (48-362) at the Third Year Level
  • Green Criminology (48-365) at the Third Year Level
  • White Collar Crime (48-367) at the Third Year Level
  • Gender, Law and Crime (48-465) at the Fourth Year Level
  • Criminology Professional Development Practicum (48-467) at the Fourth Year Level
  • Current Issues and Controversies in Criminology (48-567) at the Graduate Level


  • PhD, Michigan State University, Sociology
  • MA, University of Windsor, Sociology, specializing in Criminology
  • BA Honours, University of Windsor, Criminology


Animal Law and Policy Program, Harvard Law School, 2020.​

Ongoing Funded Projects

  • 2019-2024: Amy Fitzgerald (PI). The intersection of violence against women and animals in Canadian homes: Developing much-needed research-informed programs and policies. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $195,000.
  • 2019-2024: Daniel Heath (PI). Environmental DNA (“eDNA”), metabarcoding and transcriptional profiling to improve sustainability of freshwater fisheries and fish culture. Genome Canada, $4,000,000.
  • 2019-2023: Kendra Coulter (PI). Analysis of Public Investment in Animal Cruelty Investigation Work. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, $75,000.

Recent and Key Publications


  • Fitzgerald, Amy, Animal Advocacy and Environmentalism: Understanding and Bridging the Divide, Polity Press, 2018.
  • Fitzgerald, Amy, Animals as Food: (Re)connecting production, processing, consumption and impacts, Michigan State University Press, 2015.
  • Kalof, Linda; Fitzgerald, Amy (editors), The Animals Reader: The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings, Berg, 2007.
  • Fitzgerald, Amy J., Animal Abuse and Family Violence: Researching the Interrelationships of Abusive Power, Mellen Press, 2005.


  • Fitzgerald, Amy; Spencer, Dale, Governmentality and Environmental Rights: Regulatory Failure and the Volkswagen Emissions Fraud Case, Critical Criminology, forthcoming.
  • Gray, Allison; Barrett, Betty; Fitzgerald, Amy; Peirone, Amy, Fleeing with Fido: An Analysis of What Canadian Domestic Violence Shelters are Communicating via their Websites about Leaving an Abusive Relationship When Pets are Involved, Journal of Family Violence, 34(4), 287-298, 2019, April, 10.1007/s10896-018-0023-z.
  • Fitzgerald, Amy; Barrett, Betty; Stevenson, Rochelle; Cheung, Chi Ho, Animal maltreatment in the context of intimate partner violence: A manifestation of power and control?, Violence against Women, 2019, February,
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Book Chapters

  • Fitzgerald, Amy; Barrett, Betty; Stevenson, Rochelle; Fritz, Patti. Domestic violence and animal abuse. Routledge Handbook of Domestic Violence and Abuse. Devaney, John; Bradbury-Jones, Caroline; Holt, Stephanie; Macy, Rebecca; and Øverlien, Caroline (eds.). Routledge, forthcoming.
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Hobbies and Interests

Running, cycling, vegan cooking and culture.