Ruth Mann

Image or R. MannRuth M. Mann, PhD, MA, BA
Associate Professor

Office: 156-2 CHS
Telephone: 519.253.3000 ext. 2186


Research and Teaching Areas - Youth Violence (Youth Justice) and Violence Against Women:

Dr. Mann's research on youth violence addresses tensions between politics and 'what works' research and the impacts of these tensions on interventions for youth who come into conflict with the law. In 2004-2007 she conducted interviews with youth and professionals on how the then new Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) was affecting efforts to reduce and prevent violence in Ontario youth correctional facilities and high schools. She is currently exploring the impacts of "get tough" amendments to the YCJA that came into force in 2012. Dr. Mann's work on violence against women similarily addresses how political tensions affect policy development and implementation. her research in this field builds on her book, Who Owns Domestic Abuse, which explored how local politics shaped efforts to establish a shelter for women in a small town Ontario municipality in the 1990s. Her current research on violence against women addresses feminist efforts to maintain anti-domestic violence supports for abused women in the face of men's rights opposition and neoliberal cutbacks.

Recent Courses Taught:

Dr. Mann regularly teaches courses in the areas of Youth Justice, Gender and Crime, Law and Policy, and Qualitative Research Methods.

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (second  year level)
  • Youth in Conflict with the Law (third year level)
  • Qualitative Approaches to Social and Cultural Research (third year level)
  • Advanced Seminar in Law and Social Policy & Gender, Law and Crime (fourth year level)
  • Qualitative Methodology (MA/PhD level)
  • Critical Perspectives on Policy Development (MA/PhD level)


  • PhD (University of Toronto – Sociology)
  • MA (University of Toronto – Sociology)
  • BA (York University – Sociology)

Recent and Key Publications:

  • Mann, R.M. (2016, in press). Situating Dismantlings of Status of Women Canada and the Family Violence Initiative: Synergy between anti-feminist backlash and the 'new right' neoliberal project. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 5(2).
  • Mann, R.M. (2014). Canada's Amended Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Problem of Serious Persistent Youth Offenders: Deterrence and the Globalization of Juvenile Justice. Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies, 14, 59-72.
  • Mann, R. M. (2014). Amending the Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2007-2012: Dynamics and contingencies of a 'transforming Canada' agenda. Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 52(3), 402-422.
  • Mann, Ruth M. (2011). A Specialized Criminal Justice System for Canadian Youth. In Criminology: Critical Canadian Perspectives (pp. 55-77), Kirsten Kramar (ed.). Toronto: Pearson Education.
  • Mann, Ruth M. (2012) Invisibilizing Violence Against Women. In Power and Resistance, 5th Edition (48-71). Wayne Antony and Les Samuelson (eds). Halifax: Fernwood.
  • Mann, Ruth M. (2008). Men’s Rights and Feminist Advocacy in Canadian Domestic Violence Policy Arenas: Contexts, Dynamics and Outcomes of Anti-Feminist Backlash. Feminist Criminology, 3(1), 44-75.
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  • Mann, R. M., Senn, C. Y., Girard, A., & Ackbar, S. (2007). Community-based Interventions for At-risk Youth in Ontario under Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act: A Case Study of a “Runaway” Girl. Canadian Jouranl of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 49, 37-73.
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  • Mann, R. M. (2000). Who Owns Domestic Abuse? The Local Politics of a Social Problem. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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